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You can preview and download tracks from our three studio albums in two way: first, look for us on iTunes. Simply search for Aeolian and look for one of our three albums. You can download individual songs or entire albums by setting up a free iTunes account.

The second way to purchase our albums is to visit our CDBaby page. You can download individual songs, entire albums, or you can purchase an actual CD from this site.


River Worship Podcast

Our greatest passion is worship. We desire to be the best musicians and songwriters we can be: to "play skillfully" (Ps 33). We desire to explore the Father's heart through corporate worship and to grow, both in intimacy and understanding, with the Lord and His Body. The result of this desire is the songs, both written and spontaneous, that are birthed each week at River of Life Outreach. Our sound is one voice among the many sounds of worship coming out of the nations and joining with all of creation. This music is for those who would rather worship than eat, for those who believe that nothing compares to the taste of God’s goodness. 

Download our free weekly worship podcasts here: (Note: all songs are copyright protected by the author.) Charts & lyrics are available for download here.
 Recent Worship Podcasts 
Frances The Champion (download)
Pray over Frances Tucker's Victory
River Worship, 9/27/2015
Open The Cages Wide (download)
Written and led by Teri Williams
River Worship, 9/27/2015
Instrumental worship (download)
Led by Teri Williams
River Worship, 9/27/2015
I Was Made To Worship (download)
Written and led by Dennis Banks
River Worship, 9/20/2015
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (download)
led by Dennis Banks, copyright protected by Elisha A. Hoffman
River Worship, 9/20/2015
Heroes (download)
Copyright protected by Amanda Cook Bethel Music, led by Anna Bullard
River Worship, 9/13/2015
Spontaneous Worship (download)
Led by Anna Bullard
River Worship, 9/13/2015
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